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Big Sur Walk
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4/30/2000 The Big Sur Walk

I was not quite up to doing a real marathon--at least not this year, so Theresa and I decided to do the 10.6 miles walk version of the Big Sur International Marathon ( http://www.bsim.org/ ).

IM003230.jpg (45610 bytes) We always heard good thing about Highlands Inn at Carmel Highlands ( http://www.redshift.com/~hinn/index.html ), which is about 4 miles south of Carmel By the Sea. We decided to stay here. I think we were spoiled by Kea Lani in Maui. We were disappointed with the room. The furnishings looked very dated. The next morning Theresa had a lot of problems even turning on the shower. I guess next time we will try out the Tickle Pink Inn ( http://www.ticklepink.com/ )  next door.

IM003228.jpg (20253 bytes) However, we were impressed by the view of the ocean. We could even hear the sound of the crashing surf.

IM003231.jpg (50062 bytes) It was a pity that Theresa and I did not bring our swim suit. Check out the view from this jacuzzi!

IM003232.jpg (65255 bytes) The swimming looked very inviting also.

IM003234.jpg (29743 bytes) While Theresa was disappointed by our room #519, she was impressed by the public areas.

IM003236.jpg (24060 bytes) The highlight of the evening was our wine and dining experience at the Pacific's Edge restaurant.

IM003241.jpg (48784 bytes)

IM003237.jpg (8742 bytes) Instead of carbo loading for our big walk next morning, we decided to go for the 5-course chef's dinner. Lobster bisque was strong, creamy, and delicious.

IM003238.jpg (14586 bytes) I was in love with this fresh crab cake salad with bloody oranges.

IM003240.jpg (47222 bytes) We were really entertained by the wedding taking place right below.

IM003242.jpg (13269 bytes) The third course was a velvety shelled lobster. Scrumptious.

IM003243.jpg (15619 bytes) I never say no to Muscovy duck breast.

IM003247.jpg (11684 bytes) We capped the evening off with a puffed pastry dessert and also ice cream.

IM003246.jpg (18828 bytes) The view from our seat was also grand.

IM003249.jpg (10194 bytes) A Pacific sunset was included free of charge :-)

IM003251.jpg (15677 bytes) What a meal!

IM003252.jpg (35778 bytes) We were especially impressed by the roaring fire in the lobby.

IM003253.jpg (26300 bytes) Theresa was contemplating about the fact that the next morning she had to wake up at 4am! Ironically it was I who had problems sleeping at night due to the big meal that I had and also these people right above us on the third floor making all sorts of creaky noises all through the night. Believe me, I was a cranky guy when I finally got up at 4am!

The Big Sur Walk

We got a ride from our shuttle bus from the Carmel Middle School to the Rocky Point. 

We were ready to start our adventure.

This was the official starting point of the 10.6 miles walk.

IM003260.jpg (28601 bytes) The sun was rising slowly.

IM003261.jpg (21533 bytes) Before the official start some people waited for some coffee, and we waited to use the bathroom.  We waited, we waited. At least we got to meet a few people from Germany near Cologne. There were 5 walkers traveling with 33 other people who were running in the marathon. This truly was an international marathon. We then gave up when the walk officially started with a air pistol.

IM003262.jpg (16700 bytes) Off we go with the mass of humanity at 10 minutes to 7.

IM003266.jpg (55532 bytes) We definitely enjoyed a beautiful sunny day along the Central California Coast. The weather was perfect.

IM003268.jpg (59644 bytes) Along the way we were encouraged by some of the musical groups.

IM003269.jpg (49542 bytes) More beautiful scenery. We even heard the barking of seal lions in the distance.

IM003271.jpg (19823 bytes) We were especially impressed by these million-dollars home along the coast. Do you believe that this house actually had grass on top of the roof?!

IM003273.jpg (36640 bytes) Here was one of the aid stations. We had some water and Gatorade.

IM003276.jpg (58951 bytes) A spectacular house at Carmel Highlands with a ocean-side swimming pool and a fantastic view of an intimate cove.

IM003277.jpg (8325 bytes) Here was the marathon man heading toward the finish line.

IM003279.jpg (20224 bytes) The brass quintet motivated the runners and walkers for the final push.

IM003281.jpg (32378 bytes) We walked past the Point Lobos State Reserve.

IM003283.jpg (26364 bytes) A couple of more miles to go here at the Carmel River Beach.

IM003286.jpg (22472 bytes) There were some serious and not-so-serious signs along the way. Here was the sign for the "Last Fuguen Hill!" :-)

IM003287.jpg (33354 bytes) The course was great. The volunteers were great. The scenery was great. Not so great was the bathroom situation. At the beginning of the walk we waited for more than 15 minutes. We then skipped past all these other places that had huge lines. It was a miracle to finally find a place without lines.

IM003288.jpg (45351 bytes) Only 1 more mile!

IM003290.jpg (44781 bytes) Being such a competitive person, Theresa did not wait for me to cross the finish line. She left me in the dust as I took this picture :-)

IM003291.jpg (38466 bytes) We made it! It took us slightly more than 3 hours to go for 10 miles. Frankly Theresa and I were not really that tired. We were ready to walk some more. It was finished so quickly--now we know why there were three other possible detours in order to lengthen our walk.

IM003292.jpg (20755 bytes) We drank and ate heartily. There were a lot of healthy snacks, fruits, etc. They treated us very nicely.

IM003294.jpg (20654 bytes)

IM003297.jpg (49213 bytes) Another successal conclusion to another adventure. Theresa and I both agreed that we will return in the near future. Who knows? Maybe I'll do the half marathon next year!


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