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Lake Tahoe

Thanksgiving 2002

Theresa and I took her parents and Rondo to Lake Tahoe for Thanksgiving. We enjoyed staying at Tahoe Keys ( http://www.tahoevacationguide.com/ ) We were especially pleased with the condo that we stayed at ( 0290V - 2081 Venice Drive, 290 South Lake Tahoe, CA) You have heard about the movie "On Golden Pond." In our case our condo was "By the Frozen Pond." The shallow pond was actually frozen solid. We had a couple of hearty breakfasts at Heidi's Pancake House (3485 Lake Tahoe Blvd; (530) 544-8113). Don't order the oatmeal if you don't have a big appetite--you can ask Theresa about how much oatmeal she could not finish. We also enjoyed a gourmet dinner at Riva Grill on the lake ( http://www.rivagrill.com/; Ski Run Marina 900 Ski Run Blvd., Suite 3 South Lake Tahoe). Though band playing at this wedding party was definitely too loud. We enjoyed another dinner at the Fresh Ketch (Tahoe Keys Marina). We had the Thanksgiving dinner at the Camp Richardson Resort. It was a shame that we had re-processed turkey for dinner :-( Yuck. The highlight of the trip was the drive around the lake that took about 4 hours. The lowlight of the trip was Rondo having very difficult time walking, probably due to altitude sickness. Poor guy. No Kilimanjaro hike for him for sure :-)

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