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Carmel: The Christmas when Grinch Stole Carmel City Beach!

Dec 2002

For Theresa's birthday we drove down to Carmel with Rondo. It was a fun ride, even though it was raining heavily. It was nice to get to a warm and cozy inn like the Cypress Inn ( http://www.cypress-inn.com/ ). The best part of this inn is that it welcomes pets--it even provides a pet blanket for pets to sleep on. Rondo really enjoyed his stay. In fact he even got a stuffed star as a Christmas present. After our car ride we refreshed ourselves with some happy hour goodies. We were so impressed that due to the rainy weather all the dogs with their owners were congregating in the bar and the living room. It was a doggie traffic jam. :-) We were blessed that the next morning it was clear and sunny. We took Rondo down to Carmel City Beach. It's Rondo's favorite place to be because dogs are allowed to roam free leash free! What freedom! However, we then learned that Grinch stole at least half of the Carmel City Beach. We read in the Carmel Pine Cone ( http://www.carmelpinecone.com/ ) that the heavy sea in November washed away most of the sandy beach. How sad.  Fortunately the sea will gradually bring back the beach in the next 6 months. One of the best parts of visiting Carmel for Theresa and I (yes, Rondo too) is to dine at some of the dog-friendly restaurants. Here is a list supplied by the Cypress Inn

*  = heat provided

Our favorite places that we have dined at are highlighted in green.

Anton & Michel Restaurant: Mission and 7th Web

I had the best filet mignon steak sandwich in my life :-)

Da Giovanni: Su Vecino Court-on Lincoln (Upstairs)

* Grasings: Between Mission and San Carlos on 6th Web

* Casanova: Between Mission and San Carlos on 5th Web

We had a delicious and huge lamb shank for dinner

* Le Coq Dor: On Mission between 5th and fourth Web

* The Forge in the Forest: Junipero and 5th

Carmel Bistro: San Carlos between 6th and 5th

Jack London's: Su Vecino Court between Lincoln and Dolores

* Porta Bella: Ocean between Lincoln and Monte Verde

Nico's: San Carlos near Ocean (south)

Bahama Billys and Lugano Swiss Bistro: Barnyard shopping center

Cafe Stravaganza and RG Burgers: Crossroads shopping center 

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