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Recommended Packing List

A=high priority
B=medium priority
C=low priority

Essential Documents

A: Passport and visa

B: One other picture ID: driver license

C: Photocopy of passport page and extra passport photos

A: Plane tickets

A: Money: travelerís check, some cash, credit card


A: Casual shoes

A: Tennis shoes

A: Dress Socks with liner: 3

A: Underwear: 3

A: Long Pants: 2

A: Polo shirts: 2

B: Dress pants:1

B: Dress shirt:1

B: Tie: 1

A: Jacket: 1

B: Windbreaker: 1

C: Capilene glove liners

C: Dress Shorts:1

B: T-shirt: 1

C: Exercise shorts: 2

C: Exercise socks: 1

C: Hat:

C: Bathing suit: 1

C: Umbrella


B: Journal

A: Luggage

B: Duffel bag for souveniers: optional

A: Day pack

B: Hand laundry soap: Dr. Browner

C: Flashlight

C: Handiwipe

C: Camera: backup 35mm point-and-shoot

A: Camera: digital

Coolpix 5700

CompactFlash 250Mb

1G Microdrive

Rechargable batteries

Recharger and power adapter

Disposable batteris: 2CR5

Camera cleaner

Archos Multimedia Jukebox to download pictures daily

Power adapter


TV cable adaptor

Flash + batteries

C: Binocular: am I really going to carry one considering that Iím carrying a camera?

Health and Beauty

B: Feminine hygiene: not for me!

B: Kleenex: a must for Theresa

B: pain reliever

B: anti-diarrhea: Imodium Advanced: anti-diarrhea/anti-gas chewable tablets

B: general stomach problems: Pepto Bismo Chewables: relief for upset stomach, indigestion, diarrhea, heartburn, nausea

B: topical antiobiotic: Maximum strength Neosporin + Pain Relief first aid antibiotic/pan relieving ointment

B: antihistamine for colds: non-drowsy Sudafed 12-hr extended-release tablets for nasal and sinus congestion

C: bandaids

C: alcohol swab: B-D individually foil wrapped 70% isopropyl alcohol swabs for anti-bacterial/antiseptic


C: Q-tip/cotton balls

A: chap stick

A: Blistex Ultra protection lap balm with SPF 30

B: moisturizing cream: Vaseline intensive care lotion: advanced healing/aloe & naturals

C: moleskin

C: anti athletic foot: Lotrimin AF liquid

A: Shaver: Stephen: battery-powered travel shaver; Theresa: BiC silky touch lady shaver

A: tooth brush

A: tooth paste

C: vitamin

A: anti-perspirant

A: cough drops: Ricola natural herb cough drops

A: throat lozenges: Ricola Echinacea honey-lemon herb throat lozenges

C: ear plugs

C: Constipation: Metamucil Apple Crisp fiber wafers

C: wet ones: Wet Ones antibacterial moist toweletes

B: nail clipper

B: Thermarest heatpad for my neck while on the long plane ride


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