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Shanghai, Fuzhou, Taipei: 
A Tale of Three Cities

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times...

Please enjoy my travel photo journal "A Tale of Three Cities." I am no Charles Dickens. But then again Charles Dickens did not take 2300 digital images with a Nikon Coolpix 5700 digital camera when he wrote A Tale of Two Cities :-)

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It was the best of times; it was the worst of times
The Journey to a Bed that almost never was
 It was the best of the Internet; it was the worst of Internet--and AT&T made a killing
It was the best shuttle to the airport; it was the worst limousine
It was the best flight; it was the worst movie


Shanghai Museum
It was the best museum; it was so short of time
Shanghai Old Street (Laojie) 
It was the best bargain; it was the newest street
Yuyuan Garden 
It was the most deserted garden; it was the most crowded shopping bazaar
The Bund (Waitan) 
It was the best walk; it was the scariest experience
Oriental Pearl TV Tower
It was the best TV tower; it was the worst dinner
Xujiahui Catholic Cathedral 
It was the most historical Catholic Cathedral in Shanghai; it was the worst sound system
Jingan Temple 
It was the nicest little temple; it was near the best bargaining opportunities
Near Huaihai Road 
It was the closest place to shop and eat; it was the most crowded place on weekends
The "Wedding" Banquet with Shanghai Relatives
It was the best wedding party we did not have  (with presents too) 19 years ago; it was the shortest banquet
Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden 
It was the largest Suzhou Garden; it was the worst indigestion I had
Suzhou Lion Grove Garden
It was the best rock garden; it was the best donation
Suzhou Silk Mill 
It was the most interesting factory tour; it was the most expensive place to buy stuff
Zhou Zhuang 
It was the most picturesque town on the water; it was so sad not to able to taste the stewed picnic pork
Hangzhou's Viewing Gold Fish at Flower Harbor Park
It was the most attractive water-side park; it was the longest bus ride
Hangzhou West Lake 
It was the best of lakes; it was the shortest tour
Hangzhou Lingyin Temple 
It was the most miraculous meeting of old neighbors; it was most disappointing not being able to take pictures inside the temples
Hangzhou Dragon Well Tea 
It was the most fascinating tour; it was the most expensive tea
Jin Jiang Tower Hotel 
It was the best of hotels; it was the wettest experience
Streets of Shanghai 
It was the most walk-able city; it was not enough time
Bi Feng Tang 
It was the best breakfast; it was most disappointing to not have the baked custard tart
Shanghai Cuisine 
It was the most fancy places to dine; it was most fattening
Last Day at Shanghai 
It was the best day at Shanghai; it was the hottest fire pot


Fuzhou Highlights 
It was a city that overwhelmed our five senses
Fuzhou West Lake 
It was the most quaint lake; it was the shortest walk around the lake
Fuzhou Family Dinner 
It was the best family dinner, I had such a small stomach
dscn2622 Fuzhou Ancestor's Graves 

It was the best ancestor graves; it was the most pathetic caretaker 

Fuzhou Countryside 
It was the most idyllic countryside
dscn2660 Fuzhou Flowers in the Countryside
It was the prettiest flowers
dscn2610 Fuzhou Paths in the Countryside
It was the most interesting hike
Fuzhou Golden Hill Temple 
It was the most fascinating temple in the middle of a river
dscn2778 Fuzhou Golden Ox Hill Park 
It was the most vibrant city park
dscn2798 Fuzhou Xi Chan Temple 
It was the most opulent temple complex
  South Barracks 
It was the most invisible ancestral home
dscn2996 Gushan: Drum Hill Hike 
It was the most invigorating hike with Uncle 12
dscn3021 Gushan: Drum Hill 
It was the most interesting hill
dscn3013 Gushan: Drum Hill Characters 
Theresa has the largest heart
dscn3032 Gushan: Yongquan Temple 
It was the most colorful temple on the mountain


Chi-Jen Primary School 
Chi-Jen is the best primary school--since I went there :-)
dscn3208 Yuan He Hometown 
It is the best little town that grew up to be a city
dscn3334 Fort San Domingo
It was one of the oldest buildings in Taiwan
dscn3309 Tamsui 
It was a fun place to visit
dscn3431 Pitan 
It was the smallest lake
 dscn3482 Chiang Kaishek Memorial, National Concert Hall, National Theater 
The buildings with the most red columns
dscn3816 Lungshan Temple 
It was the quickest temple to tour
dscn3588 National Palace Museum 
It's the most treasured museum of Chinese arts
dscn3704 Taipei Odds and Ends 
All good things come to an end...

However, no matter how sad to return from our fun-filled and memorable vacation, we always get to come home to Rondo :-)


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