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Taipei Odds and Ends

All good things come to an end...

Visiting Taipei brings contrasting emotions. I get to visit the places where I grew up, but I also get to visit places where I have never been before. The experience is nostalgic and exciting from places to places and moments to moments. One of the most important items to buy on this trip of course was the all-important Taiwan Starbucks mug that I got the first evening that I was at Taipei. Crossing streets in Taipei used to be dangerous. However, I was really impressed by the count-down timers that are at most busy cross-walks. Very civilized. During this visit we got to visit my Dad at this office, see the tallest building in the world being built, visit the Dr. Sun Yatsen Memorial Hall.  My sister stayed at Les Suites Taipei where we got to log on to American On-line to check our e-mails :-) Taking the MRT was fast and inexpensive. It's impossible to get lost. We took MRT to visit Goodwill Industries. Theresa had a nice tour and chat with the Director and the Deputy Director. No, we did not go bowling. We did see the place where I learned how to bowl when I was a kid. I took a picture of Theresa standing in front of the movie poster for Harry Potter: Chamber of Secrets. One of the highlights was having dinner with two of my elementary school classmates. Walking around the city streets is a good way to get some exercise while experiencing this intimate and colorful city close-up. We visited a weekend jade market and one of the smallest Catholic churches that we have ever been to. Most evenings we came home after dinner to play some Mah-Jong with my parents. The sight. The sound. The fragrance of Taipei. However, one of the saddest images that will U always remember is  these two stray dogs sleeping underneath the freeway as we rode in a taxi on the way to the airport. So sad. I'll never forget this dynamic city on this beautiful island. If only I could find a way to import some fresh sweet and flakey Sun Cakes... 

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