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It was the smallest lake

Pitan means Green Lake in Chinese. Well, it's not that green. It's not much of a lake. However, this is the lake that my parents took the whole family to when we were kids. I have fond memories of this lake. In my childhood memory it was a rather large lake. After visiting Goodwill Industries in Taiwan on a cloudy morning, where we had a very nice tour of the facility given by the director and an assistant director, we hopped back on the MRT to get to Hsintien. I was surprised at how small Pitan is today. One side is lined with a broad levee with restaurants and cafes. We had a nice walk along the levee and also across the suspension bridge. We had a pleasant lunch at one of the many open-air restaurants called People's House. Not wanting to get sick from the water, Theresa had to pick ice cubes out of her drink. I took no chance and had a Taiwan beer. Though Pitan is small, but we had a great time.

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