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It was a fun place to visit

Tamsui, fresh water in Chinese, was once the largest port on the island. Keelung and Kaoshuang have long overtaken its place. Today Tamsui is no longer a fishing village but has become a weekend get-away spot from the crowded Taipei as it's at the end of one of the main lines of the MRT. Theresa and I especially enjoyed strolling along the edge of the water as it's lined with tourist shops and restaurants. There were lots of activities, including a TV show that seems to involve celebrities competing in some sorts of activities. We also walked up the hill to visit what was known as the Tamsui Oxford University College, which is now known as the Aletheia University ( http://www.au.edu.tw/ ). It was fun to see a couple getting their wedding pictures taken. One of the highlights of this pleasant afternoon was enjoying an ice cream float and an espresso drink at a cafe right along the river. It was relaxing while the sun sets in the west.

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