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Gushan: Drum Hill Hike

It was the most invigorating hike with Uncle 12

Perhaps the highlight of visiting Fuzhou was hiking Drum Hill with Uncle 12. It was an invigorating hike. The trail is only 1800 meters long, which is only 1.1 miles. However, we took it slow and easy because of the steep grade. We rested frequently as we didn't want to tire out Uncle 12. So our leisure trek took about 1.5 hours. I was impressed by all these walkers who were barefoot going either up or down the mountain at a fast pace. It was suppose to be therapeutic to have the feet being massaged by the stone steps. This scenic hiking trail was made possible when an overseas Chinese from Taiwan decided to donate money in 1999 in order to restore the hiking trail. This has become one of the favorite past-times of local residents. It's a good way to get some vigorous exercise.

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