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Fuzhou Xi Chan Temple

It was the most opulent temple complex

It took us exactly one hour to visit the Xi Chan Temple complex. We could have easily taken all morning to slowly savor each nook and cranny of this awesome complex of temples, pagodas, statues, and pavilions. Each building is lovingly restored or constructed recently. 

Where did all the money come from? It seems that overseas Chinese from Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam all donated generously. Praying faithfully to deities and ancestors for vast wealth and excellent health is an important aspect of Chinese culture. If you are poor, you want to pray to get rich. If you are rich, you better continue to pray to thank for your good fortune. Well, by the look of this temple complex, there are a lot of wealthy Chinese here and also overseas! 

Xi Chan Temple dates from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AC). There are 36 large and small structures. It seems that building of new structures will continue as money continues to pour in.  This place was very pleasant to visit and was very photogenic. Just look at my photos :-) I was fortunate to visit this temple on a clear and sunny day.

I also took a picture of Theresa standing in front of a lychee tree that is reported to have been planted and living since the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AC). 

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