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Fuzhou Ancestor's Graves

It was the best ancestor graves; it was the most pathetic caretaker

Perhaps the most important activity on this trip was go to visit our ancestor's graves in Fuzhou with my father. My father is not a religious man. However, he firmly believes that it's important to honor his ancestors. Out of my Dad's four children, I'm the only one who has not yet visited the grave site. Theresa and I appreciated the opportunity to be able to go back to China both to fulfill my Dad's wishes and also to fulfill my curiosity of finding out a little more about where I came from. Due to our numerous and illustrious ancestors, we had to go two different sites on two different morning. Both mornings we took a mini bus to visit the grave sites that are optimally placed on hillsides that have a grand view of the field and river below and the distant mountains beyond. All grave sites were all located according to Chinese Feng-Shui. My father firmly believes that our good fortunes and excellent health are all attributed to both our ancestors and our philanthropy and good deeds for others. I'm not sure whether I believe all that; however, it cannot hurt! :-) We visited each grave and honored each special tombstone. All those names and the poems that extolled the virtues of some of great-grand, or whatever, fathers impressed me but did not moved me emotionally until I came across the tombstone marking where my aunt and my cousin whom I knew when I was growing up in Taiwan. So sad. My cousin May was such a lively and vibrant person only to die in her prime. So sad but I did not shed any tears. The tears were actually shed by this caretaker who take advantage of the situation and each year insists on getting paid more and more for less and less work. You should have seen the way she cried and pursued my uncles and Dad for 30 minutes complaining about that she needed more money. Well, she was pathetic. In fact we nicknamed her "queen" because she is so demanding!

Day 1

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Day 2

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