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Fuzhou Highlights

It was a city that overwhelmed our five senses

Theresa and I came to Fuzhou because my father wanted us to come. We could have gone to so many other scenic places to take photos. We could have gone to Guilin or the Yangtze River's Three Gorges. However, we were delighted with our experience in Fuzhou, where my father was born and raised as a child. We left Fuzhou with indelible memories of the relatives, food, and sights. Our five senses were overwhelmed. Even our insatiable appetite came close to be fulfilled; however, we always made room in our bulging tummy to try another unique dish or to have another spoonful of sweet taro root custard.

We stayed at Fuzhou Lakeside Hotel. Be sure to stay in the business-class upper floors that have recently been re-modeled. It was a spacious and comfortable room where Theresa and I made home for 5 nights. Perhaps one of the most hilarious moments was trying to cram my sister, Theresa, and my parents in the backset of this small taxi. Fortunately I took the front seat :-) 

Fuzhou is famous for its cuisine. Come to think of it; almost each region in China boasts about its own special cuisine. Fuzhou is famous for its seafood since it's right on the coast of southern China. One of the most special desserts is made out of taro root. One day after much walking in downtowns we decided to take a short rest in a MacDonald. I just had to try out--no, not hot apple pie--a piece of hot taro root pie! It was delicious :-)

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