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Hangzhou Dragon Well Tea

It was the most fascinating tour; it was the most expensive tea

One of the most famous teas in China is the Dragon Well (Longjing) Green Tea in Hangzhou. Our tour guide brought us here on the last stop of our day trip to Hangzhou. The sales lady was very polished and slick. She can do well selling anything :-) She demonstrated how the tea was heated in a giant wok and then how to brew the green tea. Personally I appreciate black tea more than green tea. Besides, lately I have been drinking a variety of herbal tea, so Theresa and I did not buy the green tea. We thought it was so ridiculously expensive. However, we really did not mind because we understand that going to a touristy place that charges exorbitant prices is part of being on a guided tour. We had the same experience whether it's buying leather in Italy or Tanzanite in Tanzania. Fortunately whether we buy or not is our choice, as long we don't feel too guilty about getting free samples :-) For those of you who are compelled to try this world famous green tea, which was served by Chairman Mao to President Nixon, then you can buy on-line from Ten Ren.


On the other hand on this trip to China we really enjoyed the 8 Treasures Tea. The next time I'm at a retail store for Ten Ren, I will buy some :-)


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