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Suzhou Silk Mill

It was the most interesting factory tour, it was the most expensive place to buy stuff

When you buy something in the U.S. you often found that an electronic component or computer motherboard is made in China. However, in the old days most people associate China with porcelain, tea, and of course silk.

Part of the Suzhou tour included a visit to a silk mill, which is named the Suzhou Number 1 Silk Mill. However, on the Internet I found several other number 1 silk mills in Suzhou (number 1 silk spinning, number 1 silk printing, and number 1 silk garment). I also wonder if there are number 2 and number 3 silk mills? :-)

I remember when I was a kid I grew a couple of silk worms in Taiwan. I fed them leaves from Mulberry plant. I then saw them spinning the cocoons and then left as moths. It was interesting. This time I experienced an actual silk mill. I felt very sorry for all the women who had to stand there all days working on the production lines. My feet got tired and my back was sore just looking at them. It was interesting for Theresa to participate in pulling the silk in order to create layers and layers of silk that got made into blankets. On a previous trip my sister-in-law and my mother was so impressed that they bought several blankets. Thou Theresa and I will stick with our goose dawn comforters. :-)

The tour was interesting, but Theresa and I did not buy anything because we thought everything was too expensive. Instead Theresa enjoyed a cup of espresso. That was the highlight of the silk mill :-)

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