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Suzhou Humble Administrator's Garden

It was the largest Suzhou Garden; it was the worst indigestion I had

The morning started out innocently. We did not have breakfast at our usual place, Bi Feng Tang. I think my stomach was looking forward a warm, hearty, and easy to digest warm rice porridge. Instead I had a breakfast pastry and then a whole pear. My stomach did not appreciate the 2-pound pear and then proceeded to vigorously complain to me. For the rest of the day I felt bloated and nauseated. In fact that evening I slept for 12 hours. That was the worst indigestion and physical discomfort on the whole trip. Ironically later my parents told me that a Chinese pear is usually full of water and actually aids digestion. I must have gotten one that was not ripe yet.

Though I did not feel well physically, at least I was able to be distracted by our guided trip to Suzhou. After a mini tour bus ride that lasted about 90 minutes, we arrived at Suzhou, sometimes known as the Venice of Asia. Suzhou is famed for its many private Classical Chinese gardens now restored and open to the public. The tour guide brought us first to the Humble Administrator's Garden. By the way, our guide spoke perfect English because for one year in college her English teacher was from the West. At 12 acres this garden is the largest garden in Suzhou. It was built in 1513 by a retired Ming dynasty official. I believe it's nice to visit the garden at any time of the year because of the changing weather and different flowers in bloom. Next time we have to come here during the summer in order to see the lotus flowers in full bloom.

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