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Near Huaihai Road

It was the closest place to shop and eat, it was the most crowded place on weekends

One of the best part of staying at Jin Jiang Hotel was that we can just walk to have breakfast and go shopping. There are many elegant shops and restaurants along this ~1.4 mile-long bustling stretch of street. We were disappointed that we never had the chance of having Beijing duck at the branch of the restaurant where we had duck in Beijing a few years ago. However, we were not disappointed with our shopping adventure. Forget about the rush at Macy's the weekend before Christmas. It's like that every weekend at Huaihai Road. It was literally elbow to elbow. We did not have to move our feet; we were just pushed and shoved forward by the surging crowd from behind. Okay, I'm  exaggerating --just a little :-) This was also the street that Theresa bought a nice purse.   Forget about Prada, Louis Vuitton, and other name brands. They are not worth the money. Instead, Theresa purchased a local brand named Fortune Duck! 

There was also a store named Dun Lin ( http://www.dunlin.com.cn/ ) on Changle Road. Theresa was bargaining back and forth with a calculator. The store clerks were so impressed Theresa's bargaining skills that they thought Theresa was Russian!

We were also impressed by the number of bridal stores on Huaihai Road. Every morning it was fascinating and exciting to see all these brides and bridesmaids getting their dress on, hair done, and nails done in preparation for their big day. Wedding is a big deal in China.

We also shopped extensively in the shopping bazaar. It was very crowded. It was a lot of fun. However, we did not enjoy the experience of people kept asking us "bags, watches, DVDs?" They also were trying to invite us to their factories where they will be showing us more stuff. 

After an hour of this, we were tired and sore. Fortunately Starbucks was on the way back to the hotel :-)

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