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The Bund (Waitan)

It was the best walk, it was the scariest experience

After visiting Yuyuan Garden we decide to take a short walk to the Bund, which is called Waitan in Chinese. Bund is derived from an Anglo-Indian word "bunding" meaning waterfront embankment, dike, or dam. We had a nice stroll on top of the mile-long flood-control levee. It was a nice pedestrian-only walkway. 

On one side were all the historical buildings in Pushi. (West of Huangpu River), and the other side were all the brand new skyscrapers in Pudong (East of Huangpu River). It was such a contrast. All the historical buildings were once the commercial and financial heart pf Shanghai in the early 20th century. In fact, my mother said that she often walked along the Bund when she was going to school in her childhood. 

We did  not have time to go to Pudong on foot using the Pedestrian Tunnel to Pudong, besides, I never found the entrance. Well, I have to leave a few activities for us to do on our next visit to Shanghai. We did have a nice view of all the new buildings in Pudong, such as the Oriental Pearl TV Tower, Jin Mao Building, and International Convention Center. We were running out of time and I promises ourselves that we will take a Huangpu river cruise on our next trip. 

The scariest part of the walk was that Theresa and I were enjoying the scenery at the Huangpu Park. All the sudden someone came from behind Theresa, touched her, and asked her for money. He was very persistent too and certainly intimidated Theresa. Theresa and I then walked quickly away. We were glad that in general there were very few street people begging; we certainly see a lot more street people in San Francisco or Berkeley.

We ended our walk at the Waibaidu Bridge and then took a taxi home. We washed up at our hotel. We had a chance to visit a nearby Starbucks. Only in China would we find pastries such as red bean and green tea cake at Starbucks. Of course, I just have to try one. :-) It was okay. I think I'll stick with chocolate desserts next time. We then took a taxi back to Pudong for a buffet dinner at the Oriental Pearl TV Tower at night. 


On the walk from Yuyuan Garden to the Bund


Jin Mao Building


One of the many boats for the Huangpu River Cruise



Strolling on top of the Bund


A nice view of the Oriental Pearl Tower


International Conventional Center


Pudong Skyline




Welcome to Shanghai


The building on the right will become the tallest building in Pudong

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Waibaidu Bridge


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