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Shanghai Cuisine

It was the most fancy places to dine; it was most fattening

Some people eat to live; some people live to eat. Theresa and I do really appreciate good food and live to eat! Food is very important to Chinese, and that's especially true in Shanghai. Food is like an art here. We had the opportunity to enjoy some local delicacies that's famous in China. Jade Garden is a very chic restaurant that serves great food. I was especially intrigued by this local custom where you can hang your coat or jacket on the back of your seat, and then the waiter will cover the back of your seat with a cover. It protects the coat and keeps the color theme inside the restaurant consistent. Very nice. We also enjoyed some simple lunches at restaurants where local would go. I especially enjoyed the eight treasure tea at Yuyuan Garden. Several times we had the famous Shanghai dumplings and stir-fried shrimp. We also had the crab-stuffed dumplings. It was always a joy eating with my relatives. We hosted a two-tables party at Meilongzhen Restaurant at Meilongzhen Plaza Shop. Frankly I was paying so much attention to talking to our relatives that I hardly remembered what I ate :-) However, I do remember the extremely spicy food we had at the "Little Fat Mutton." There were all sorts of meats, vegetables, and other goodies to put in a pot of boiling water--one side tasty, the other size fiery like a furnace :-).  Well, you know that moderation is the key to a happy life. Unfortunately my eyes were bigger than my stomach. It's the reason for the worst indigestion I had from eating that huge pear. I also had the worst case of cold sores to help me remember the firepot dinner. The cold sores were painful and embarrassing; however, it was worth it. Theresa was so impressed by Shanghai cuisine that she already bought a cook book. So maybe next time you don't have to go all the way to Shanghai to experience some Shanghai dishes. :-) After eating at Shanghai for 7 days, we must have gained several pounds.

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