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Bi Feng Tang

It was the best breakfast; it was most disappointing to not have the baked custard tart

Normally at home for breakfast I have a small bowl of cereal with non-fat milk. Theresa does the same thing and also eat a banana. However, since we are on vacation we thought that we should enjoy some local breakfast cuisine. We certainly were not disappointed with our daily fuel-up at Bi Feng Tang. It's a 24-hour Cantonese restaurant that serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner at 6 different locations. Bi Feng Tang means the bay where a boat can go to escape from the wind. In our case we went there to start our adventure in Shanghai. We went to the one that was just a block from the hotel. The breakfast was inexpensive and delicious. We had steamed dumplings, baked pastries, several different styles of rice porridge, and always a pot of steaming hot tea. Every day I read the menu and tried to order this special baked custard tart. Everyday the waiter brought something that's not what we had in mind but were delicious nevertheless. You would think that we would have succeeded after 4-5 times there! Nope. I guess we will try again the next time we are back to this great restaurant. Ironically my parents and brother preferred the Cantonese restaurant that's just next door because it's cheaper :-) However, we prefer the more stylish decor inside Bi Feng Tang. The first morning we actually ate inside a mock fishing boat.

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