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Jin Jiang Tower Hotel

It was the best of hotels; it was the wettest experience

Jin Jiang Tower hotel is the place that my parents highly recommended. It's not the tallest, biggest, nor newest hotel in Shanghai. However, it's centrally located in the heart of Shanghai so we really enjoyed staying at this hotel. It's nice and clean. The room rate is about $115 for a deluxe room as of late 2002. The best part is that it's close to Bi Feng Tang, our favorite place for breakfast porridge and steamed dumplings every morning. It's also just a few blocks away from Huai Hai Zhong Lu, which is a very chic and busy street. I'm still amazed by the large number of expensive boutiques on this street.

By the way, Jin Jiang Tower ( http://www.jjtcn.com/english/main.htm  ) is not to be confused with the Jin Jiang Hotel, which is the older and shorter version.

You would think that out of the 2300 pictures that I took in China and Taiwan surely I have a picture or two of the nice lobby at this hotel. Nope! We were always rushing in and out of the hotel that I forgot. I did take some picture inside our comfortable and large room and also the view from room 2719. I understand that my brother and sister-in-law in the past has stayed on a higher floor and enjoyed the view even better. We should have checked out the Blue Haven Revolving Restaurant. We never did. My brother said that during breakfast you cannot really enjoy the view anyway due to the hazy morning sky and the steamed windows.

If you want to make a reservation, be sure to call and have them fax you back a confirmation. Don't book the room on the Internet as that reservation is likely to disappear like it happened to me. Click here for the story. :-(

161 Changle RD., Shanghai, China, 200020

Tel: 0086-021-64151188

Fax: 0086-021-64150045

E-Mail: jjtrsv@public.sta.net.cn

You are probably wondering why I said that it was the wettest experience for us? No, Theresa and I did not go swimming. The first morning that we were there we decided to check out the swimming pool before breakfast. We walked out from the reception area to the pool. I noticed that there is a pool of water for people to clean off their feet before entering the pool. I carefully stepped over it. I was going to warn Theresa about this before she stepped right into the water. Needless to say that her tennis shoes were soaking wet. She gave me a dirty look and went back to the room to change her socks and shoes. That's the reason for our wet and wild experience. Morale of the story: watch where you walk, you never know what's dry and what's wet :-)

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